HFpoker Cheat – Contact lens Card

This is a newest technology poker cheating device software, it has an advanced button camera which you can put on your shirt on the chest, so that you can shuffle the playing cards and can be scanned by this button camera.


What’s more, Panduola also has a mobile phone software which can analyze the clean playing cards, that is, non-marked playing cards. After the button camera see the faces of playing cards, and then this mobile phone analyzer will analyze the playing cards and tell you who is winner.

This poker software is much safer than other products, and you don’t need to use bar-codes marked playing cards, you just use any playing cards without and invisible ink markings. So that in the casino or poker clubs, they can not check your cards and won’t realize what you have and how to cheat in the poker games and how to win a lot of money.

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Gamble cheat in all poker games
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Magic show of marked playing cards

All the products we provide are used for magic show only, Please do not use for gambling.

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