HFPoker Cheat :

While many people will think how it works?

1.You have to use a camera to scan the bar-codes marked playing cards, such as mobile phone cameras ( Samsung S4 camera, iPhone 6 camera, Nokia phone camera), lighter camera, car-key camera, chip-tray camera, cigarette box camera, floor-lamp camera which the distance can be about 3 meters or 4 meters and so on.


2.You need a deck of bar-codes sides-marking playing cards to be scanned by the cameras.


3.You need a poker analyzer receiver to receive the signal from the cameras, as after the cameras scanning the bar-codes edges marked playing poker, the cameras will deliver the signal to this poker analyzer receiver, so that this poker analyzer receiver device will analyze the bar-codes and deliver the signal to the computer software.


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4.While a lot of people will think how this poker analyzer send the signal to the computer?

We need to insert a 2G Wi-Fi SIM card into this poker analyzer, and computer also need to connect with this 2G Wi-Fi, so that this poker analyzer will be able to send the results analyzed to the computer via 2g Wi-Fi. So that it doesn’t have so much limitation for the transmitter from the poker analyzer to the computer.


You just need to think about the transmitter from the camera to the poker analyzer, but you just need to keep both them within 3 meters is ok.


5. Maybe there are some people think about the games, but it is no problem for the games, as now we already have some games for Texas Hold’em, Omaha 4 cards, Omaha 5 cards and Pineapple game — Chinese poker.